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MB260 Submersible Level Transmitter

2015-3-24      View:
  • Brand   Gova
  • Type   MB260

MB260/261/264 Submersible Level Transmitter




n  Separate construction.Full sealed stainless steel

construction for submersible part;sensor and amplifier

circuit are all in the sealed housing; protection class


n  Aluminum-alloy electric connection box is optional to

ease wiring; protection class IP65;

n  Removable top stainless steep cap; prevent diaphragm

 damage and ease cleaning.


The product uses high performance pressure sensor as sensing element, which could measure liquid static pressure that is positive proportional to level depth precisely, and transform pressure signal into standard current/voltage signal output by amplifier circuit to measure accurate level depth.The product has high accuracy, compact size, easy installation, can be submersible into the liquid directly to measure level from transmitter bottom to the liquid surface. It can be widely used for water and level measure and control of petroleum, chemi-industry, power station, city water supply and drainage and hydrology, etc.

The biggest difference among MB260/MB261/MB264 is the material of the submersible Level casing,MB260 is a general type with NBR tube;MB261and MB264 are its promotion version for more special measuring medium.MB261 has stainless steel tube protection,but MB264 has the anticorrosion tube to prevent from a variety of acid-base or other corrosive liquids.



Electrical Connection



Outline Structure





Order Guide

Order Note

1.      Please pay attention if the media is compatible with contacting material, especially pay attention to media density at measuring situation (except water),please note it in the order, if it is corrosive or sticky etc.

2.     We provide the user with PVC or polyurethane cable; polyurethane cable is more flexible and wearable. If the user has no special requirements, the default would be PVC cable;

3.     If the transmitters installed in lightning and thunder area, please note “lightning Protection” in the order; we suggest to use lightning protection device to make sure power is grounding safely;

4.     When transmitter’s armour tube more than 2m, we would provide the user with divided steel tube to help delivery. Please install tubes in local   place;  

5.     When transmitter is working, please do not pull flexible steel tube to protect it;

6       All specifications are subject to change. Contact Gaohua for specifications and engineering drawings that are critical to your application.  Drawings contained in this document are for reference only.


File download: MB260,MB261,MB264




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