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                                                       Service System

    1. Professional Technical Support and Service

    Communicating with clients, understanding the requirements of clients fully, and matching them with product lines step by step, we can offer suitable advices to our customers.

    We pay attention to after-sale service. Visiting our clients at regular intervals, we keep improving our service quality. For the problem mentioned by clients, our special stuff members will give you a timely and effectively treatment.

    2. One-stop Procurement Service

    Beside self-research sensors and transducers, we also cooperate with the world famous companies, offering varies kinds of sensors and related accessories, achieving one-stop service. We help our clients to boost efficiency, to decrease cost and inconvenience from decentralized procurement, with the prerequisite of guaranteeing products quality.

    3. Personalized Service

    We offer BTF, BTO and VMI services, stock up on part or all of products for our clients, in order to decrease their ordering cycle time and warehouse cost. We redesign our products and production lines based on the needs of clients, for satisfying their specialized requirements on products.